Jody Legere – Emerald Coach

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Congratulations to Jody Legere on achieving Emerald in her Team Beachbody Business! We are so proud of you and excited for all the success you are having and will continue to have. Way to go! We are so proud of you!

Chene Hunt – #transformationtuesday

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Congratulations to Chene Hunt for her incredible results with our newest program, The Shift Shop. The Shift Shop isI’m so proud of my results and the Shift that I made during Shift Shop. I’m a mother of three and have had three c-sections; which has made it a long road to rebuilding my core. I have done pretty much every possible program and have had success from each one but I really felt connected to this one. This is the first program I have seen a major difference in my waist line. Can’t wait to see the results after I complete round 2! a 21 day program from Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer Chris Downing where each week you ramp up …

Jennifer Jackson – Diamond Coach

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Congratulations to Jennifer Jackson on achieving DIAMOND in her business. Jen is a rockstar for many reasons, but one thing that really stands out to me is the fact that they day she joined Team Beachbody and the day she STARTED running her business are two very separate dates, proving that it is never too late to activate your business and change the trajectory of your life. Way to go Jen, the entire team is so proud of you and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your team!

Lauren Roberts – Success Club 10 All Star Legend

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Congratulations to Lauren Roberts and NOW Nation for officially becoming Success Club 10 All Star Legends. This means that Lauren has officially helped at least 5 people per month for the past 24 months. That is TWO YEARS of helping a minimum of 5 people a month. Talk about being a LIFE CHANGER! Way to go Lauren. We are so proud of you!

#transformationtuesday – Darren Natoni

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I am forever grateful that my husband decided to give INSANITY a try, as it led him to me! Read his words below: — Don’t let the beginning be your ending. — I can’t imagine how different my life would be had I never ordered a workout program off an infomercial in 2009…had I given up after day one…had I quit after day 60…had I thrown in the towel this morning on day 2,835. — Starting is hard. Quitting is harder. So just start. Continue. Don’t give up. Embrace that there is no DONE button. This is life. And life goes on until the day it doesn’t. Until then, it ain’t over. You get after it until the day you …

July Success Club Rockstars

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Congratulations to my personally sponsored coaches who achieved Success Club in July! What is really exciting is that every number on this board represents a life changed, a person helped! Being a coach is the most rewarding job because we are truly helping people achieve their goals to live healthy, fulfilling lives! Way to go team!!!

Lilly Liu – Emerald Coach

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Congratulations to Lilly Liu on achieving the rank of Emerald in her Team Beachbody Business less than one week from the day she joined! ON FIRE! So excited for you and what the future holds for you. The team is super proud of you!

Where did Fit and Funky Go?

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name change

Where did Fit and Funky Go? What’s up, what’s up my name is Danielle Natoni, aka Fit and Funky and if you watch any of my live videos than you have heard me say that introduction more times than you can count. I have made some branding decisions that I think will make it easier for me and for the world to understand who I am and what I do. From now on, when you see Fit and Funky, that will relate to all things Beachbody. That is the name of my amazing team of health and fitness coaches, Team Fit and Funky. From my amazing team, to being a master trainer, Fit and Funky isn’t going anywhere. It’s just …