Katy Brown – New Emerald Coach

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Congratulations to Katy Brown on achieving the rank of Emerald in her Team Beachbody Business. Katy is a wife, a mom, and one CRAZY FIT MAMMA who is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals and rock their results. We are so proud of this military wife and can’t wait to see all her success in the future! Way to go Katy!

Katie White – Emerald Coach

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Congratulations to Katie White for achieving the rank of Emerald in her Team Beachbody Business. Katie we are so proud of you and can’t wait to see all your success in the future as you continue to help people change their lives!

September 2017 Coach of the Month – Ashley McCoy

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Congratulations to Ashley McCoy our September 2017 Coach of the Month. Ashley is a new coach who is just RUNNING with this business. She has hit SC every month since she joined. She is not afraid to talk to people , to help change lives, and her passion is contagious. So proud of you Ashley and excited for what the future has in store for you!

Leadership Contest Winner

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Congratulations to Ashton Thorell. She is the winner of the Leadership Contest I ran. This year I am allowed to bring a qualified guest with me who is not a spouse to Team Beachbody Leadership with me. They need to be at least a 1 star Diamond coach. I added in some additional rules for the contest, and Ashton won by starting her 3 Star Diamond Qualification as well as achieving Success Club in both August and September. I am extremely excited to have Ashton travel with me to Las Vegas for this special leadership training for only 5 Star Diamonds and above. I have no doubt this will propel Ashton forward to the next level of her business. Way …

Success Starter – Molly Willey

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molly willey

Congratulations to Molly Willey on earning her FREE ticket to Team Beachbody Summit 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is now officially a success starter, which means she earned success club 3 consecutive months in a row in the first 3 months of opening her coaching business. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to celebrate with you next year!

August 2017 Success Club Rockstars

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Congratulations to my personally sponsored coaches who achieved Success Club in August. Each point on this equals a live changed…people helping people! Way to go team! I am so incredibly proud of you and how hard you work every day to make a difference.

Holly Mackenzie – August 2017 Coach of the Month`

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When I looked at all of my personally sponsored coaches, everyone who is deserving and full of amazing qualities, this month, someone stood out to me for never giving up and finding her stride. For always reinventing herself, trying new things, and being willing to work hard to grow. — Congratulations to August 2017 Coach of the Month Holly MacKenzie!

Terrica Young – Emerald Coach

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Congratulations to Terrica Young on achieving Emerald in her Team Beachbody Business. Terrica is a wife, mom, and real estate agent who is proving that you are never too busy to help people. Way to go Terrica. We are so proud of you and excited for the future that lies ahead!